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Hi! I'm Dom.

I'm a New York City based Video Producer and photographer with a passion for storytelling, media management, and exploring digital techniques to create impactful content.

When I'm not yelling at my computer after my sixth #AdobePremiere crash, I'm either drawing cartoons or obsessing over a fictional city I created in the computer game Cities Skylines.

Let's argue about why I should switch to FCPX since I complain about Adobe products so much! 


Video Producer
Mar. 2019-Current

Photo/Video Content Creator

Jun. 2015-Mar. 2019

Marketing & Video Intern

Sep. 2014-Jun. 2015

I know it's not 2013, but #startedfromthebottom

Freelance Content Producer - New York, NY


Rowan University - Glassboro, NJ

Radio/TV/Film Major

Sep. 2012-May 2015

Studied film and television, mostly learned that not all

bagels in NJ are good


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Things I Care About

  • Wearing a mask

  • Ways to organize photo/video media efficiently

  • The emotional appeal of photography and video

  • Video editing that doesn't rely strictly on "cutting to the beat"

  • Constructive feedback and collaborative content creation

  • Sustainability in work and personal life

  • Affordable access to health care as a right

  • The undeniable fact that Central New Jersey exists

  • It's called Pork Roll, not Taylor Ham