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Hi! I'm Dom.

I'm a multiracial (Chinese, Japanese, Irish, Italian) NYC based Video Producer, Photographer, and all around creative. I'm passionate about storytelling, media management, and exploring digital techniques to create impactful content.

I started my career at 17 under my high school mentor covering weddings, dance recitals, and competitions; I honed my craft in that space for 5 years. While studying at University during my junior year, I lost my dad to alcoholism. At 21, I wasn't equipped with the right tools to mourn and failed out of the spring semester which subsequently meant I would lose my financial aid. Facing the prospect of taking on student loans that would burden me with debt for an undefined amount of time, I made the decision to drop out. At that time, I'd just started an internship at productionglue as a Marketing & Video Intern. Now, I recently celebrated 9 years working my way up to the role of Senior Video Producer.

In my current role, I'm focused on creating content across the business for internal stakeholders in marketing, business development, and people operations to external stakeholders interfacing directly with clients to bring their video and photo production visions to life.

When I'm not yelling at my computer after  #AdobePremiere crashes, I'm either drawing cartoons or obsessing over a fictional city I created in the computer game Cities Skylines.


Senior Video Producer
Jun. 2023-Present

Video Producer
Mar. 2019-Jun. 2023

Photo/Video Content Creator

Jun. 2015-Mar. 2019

Marketing & Video Intern

Sep. 2014-Jun. 2015

Brands I've Worked With

Groove National Dance Competition, Intelligence Squared Debates, Itchy House Films, 32 Degrees, Ellis Island Honors Society, Brand Jordan, Nike, Greenhouse Software, Facebook, Group Nine Media, Amazon Video, Bloomberg, Snap, Johns Hopkins University, Cornell Tech


Rowan University - Glassboro, NJ

Radio/TV/Film Major

Sep. 2012-May 2015

Studied film and television, mostly learned that not all

bagels in NJ are good


Technology Competencies.png

Things I Care About

  • Reading a lot, currently reading In the Weeds by Tom Vitale

  • Ways to organize photo/video media efficiently

  • The emotional appeal of photography and video

  • Video editing that doesn't rely strictly on "cutting to the beat"

  • Constructive feedback and collaborative content creation

  • Sustainability in work and personal life

  • Affordable access to health care as a right

  • The undeniable fact that Central New Jersey exists

  • It's called Pork Roll, not Taylor Ham

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