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The Year of the Ox

Happy Lunar New Year! For the Year of the Ox I wanted to create something to celebrate my own Asian heritage by featuring red envelopes.


They’re given out during special occasions as a symbol and gesture of good luck and prosperity. The envelopes featured in this are ones I’ve received throughout the years from my grandparents, mom, uncles and aunts. I have always appreciated the ornate decoration and vibrant colors adorned across the front of the envelopes, so it seemed natural for me to use them in this piece.

Red Envelopes were photographed and scanned, then vectorized in Adobe Illustrator. Slot Machine based off a photo from a Casino (and inspired by my grandfather who enjoyed them throughout his life) then designed in Illustrator.


Layered/animated/edited and looped in Adobe Premiere Pro.

Red Envelopes Collage.png

Traditional Red Envelopes given during Lunar New Year. My family is of Cantonese decent on my mother's side. I enjoy collecting them because of the vibrant and ornate designs that are featured.

The VHS blue evokes a certain type of nostalgia for me, reminiscent of the old FBI warning found in movies in the 90's. The contrast of the deep red of the envelopes make for a nice image. 

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